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My set from right after the cabin burn at 11:30 PM, Saturday night.

TTATC or That Thing At The Cabin is a Minnesota Regional Burning Man event.

Listen here

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1. Reaper (Original Mix) – My Digital Enemy
2. I Wish You Were Here (Original Mix) – Hazaro
3. Tom & Jerry Made Me Do It (Original Mix) – James The cat
4. Woman (Original Mix) – Gary Chaos
5. In Concert (Original Mix) – Maxim Lebedev
6. Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Original Mix) – JL & AFTERMAN, Feat. Daddy Kool
7. Hey Boy Hey Girl – The Chem. Brothers
8. What Da F**K (Original Mix) – Lookback, Absolut Groovers
9. Mr. Brown – Gary Chaos, Absolut Groovers
10. Mopho Calabria! (Original Mix)
11. Living From The Mind (Miami Central Mix) – Vice City Groove
12. Girls Got It Goin’ On (Original Mix) – James The Cat
13. It’s You (Original Mix) – Dck Sauce
14. Rock The Disco (Original Mix) – Paul Jackman
15. Funky Mood – DJ Dan, Charles Feelgood
16. Back The Funk Up (Original Mix) – DJ Dan
17. The Sure Shot (Original Mix) – Todd Terry, J Paul Getto
18. 54321 Cut It Down (Original Mix) – Shaunyboy
19. Nothing But A Party(J Paul Getto Remix) – DJ Dan, Lookback
20. Rock The Place – DJ Dan, Jerome Robins
21. Brassaholics (On The Floor) Feat. Ben Onono (Rogerseventytro Remix) – Gramaphonedzie, Analog People In A Digital Wod, Ben Onono
22. Street Player – Tradelove
23. Grey Goose – White Noise
24. What About My Love (Etienne Ozborne & Peter Brown Remix) – Jerome Robins, Dolly Rockers
25. Disco Radio (Original Mix) – Shaunyboy
26. Duck Sauce ADD an SUV (Uffie vs Daft Punk vs Duck Sauce) – Elocnep
27. Party Time (Original Mix) – Shaunyboy
28. Drop That Bass (DJ Dan Remix) – Gary Caos, Dimo
29. Flying (Original Mix) – Disco Ball’z
30. This Time Disco (Original Mix) – KillerBeatz
31. Be With Me (Original Mix) – James The Cat
32. Venus – Original Mix – Oziriz ft Dura

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